At a Glance – Surfing to the World
A brand story traced back to the sandy beaches of Byron Bay, where Australian surfers began wearing sheepskin footwear for warmth between sessions. Now UGG (Australia) is a registered trademark in the U.S. and marketing to over 130 countries worldwide for its brand of sheepskin boots, footwear, bags, clothing and many new collections.

The Environment – The Big Name Has Arrived
The global identified fashion brand has now arrived to Mexico. Located at Interlomas, the finest commercial shopping mall in Mexico City D.F., this UGG brand shop was launched end of 2012. In order to create the most ultimate modern brand image in the retail shop to deliver its fashion spirit, UGG has considered adopting high technology solution.

The Opportunity –Unique In-store Shopping Environment
Digital signage has been widely adopted in cinemas, food courts, shopping malls and many retail markets. It has transformed traditional marketing platform onto a creative and delightful stage.

While UGG is getting popular in middle-to-high class consumer in Mexico, thinking how to build up a fancy dream shop is the first priority. This new shop needs to deliver messages not only with fashion trend, stylish lifestyle but also luxurious ambience to the local customer.

Video wall is a great medium to immerse customers in brand identity and unique shopping experience. With images or live fashion shows on screen for hours, quality and perfect viewing result highly rely on outstanding video display performance.

The Solution – Seamless Digital Signage Setting Integration
UGG has taken the idea of integrating video wall into shop design to convey its brand concept. They are seeking for video display solution with modern appearance, high quality, intelligent technology as well as user-friendly features to enhance the whole branding reputation.

AG Neovo’s first launched PN-46 display features an ultra slim bezel with only 5mm jointly, which enables UGG to install four displays into a 2 by 2 video wall seamlessly. “It is definitely a benefit for this retail shop to present images without any obstacles, customers who want to know UGG’s brand now can enjoy differently,” according to Tristram Borgmann, sales manager of AG Neovo Mexico.

Moreover, the 700 nits high brightness panel promises a great image quality and viewing clarity without being affected by the direct spotlight in the shop. The high brightness feature also works perfectly under sunlight or semi-outdoor applications. The Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution further results stunning visibility and vital images.

In the meantime, the OPS slot makes the integration of media player much easier too. Other impressive features for UGG include the tiling function and built-in scheduler. Apart from the advantage of easy-to-install on site, the built-in scheduler allows shop staff to program video schedule with a very user-friendly interface.

The Result – Impressive Branding Result
“We are satisfied with the performance of PN-46 video display. It is an excellent medium helping our customer to achieve vital brand image and making customer an enjoyable fashion experience,” according to Miguel Vera from Tecnosolutions, system integrator for UGG’s project.

PN-46 video wall has everything customer wants, especially the auto-turn-on feature”, said Miguel. It provides easy-to-maintain platform. Customers who visit UGG’s shop are also impressed by the video wall. They feel like being a part of the fashion runway and modern world.

UGG intends to open more shops in Mexico this year. They are highly considered to install video wall in the upcoming shops as part of a brand image establishment. “The high-tech video wall has presented impressive image quality which perfectly displays UGG’s designated seasonal video as well as the latest fashion news,” said Miguel.

Quick Facts

UGG, a fashion brand famous for its sheepskin boots and footwear, has initiated a project to help convey brand awareness as well as to create luxurious in-store ambience in the finest shopping mall in Mexico.

Display Solution
4 units of PN-46 displays were installed into a 2 by 2 video wall perfectly displaying UGG’s designated seasonal video and the latest fashion news.

Top Benefits
The super narrow bezel with only 5 mm jointly provides a seamless viewing experience with no obstacle
700 nits high brightness panel promises vivid image quality without being affected by direct sunlight and spotlight
OPS slot simplifies media player integration
Tiling function and built-in scheduler allow easy installation and user friendly interface to program the video wall

Seamless Performance