Using as a stage display, the screen is often placed discreetly on the stage floor to present the script, chords or lyrics as reminders to performers during a concert or theatre tour, stage, or generally installed in a spot on the podium as an aid to the speaker at a conference or seminar.

Display Solution
AG Neovo’s SX-19P is chosen because it performs and persists. The SX-19P delivers high-resolution, crystal-clear pictures, and it is reliably solid.
  Top Benefits
AG Neovo’s NeoV™ Optical Glass and metal housing protect the display from incidental damage in public places.
AG Neovo’s AIP (Advanced Image Platform™) technology built-in image enhancer boasts versatile strengths—3D Comb Filter, 3D Deinterlace and Noise Reduction—that deliver exceptional image clarity.
Smart Omni Viewer provides PIP and PAP functions for multipoint surveillance purposes, as well as screen freeze for closer monitoring.
Durability of the display minimises the odds of its operations being disrupted by the need for emergency repairs.

Sharp Surveillance